Programming in C-Btech Question-MG University-December 2012

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semester 3 
mechanical engineering 
programming in c 

MG University-Mechanical Engineering-Engiy-S3-2012



Third Semester

Branch: Automobile Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Production Engineering

AU 010 305

ME010 305-Programming in C(AU, ME, PE)

PE 010 305

(New Scheme-Regular/Improvement/Supplementary)

Time: 3 Hrs

Maximum:100 marks

Answer all Questions

Part A

Each Question carries 3 marks

  1. What is type casting?

  2. What are the searching methods for arrays?

  3. What is recursion?

  4. What are the advantages of dynamic memory allocation

  5. What are the bitwise logical operators

Part B

Each Question carries 5 marks

  1. Explain with an example the syntax of do-while loop

  2. What is a structure? Explain with an example

  3. What is a macro? Explain its use with an example?

  4. Explain with an example the usage of chain of pointers

  5. What are the characteristics of text and binary files

Part C

Each Question carries 12 marks

  1. Discuss with examples, the branching instructions in C


  2. Write a C program to evaluate ex to an accuracy of 10 -5

  3. Explain with examples, how multidimensional arrays are handles in C


  4. Write a program to multiply two matrices A and B

  5. Write a function , using pointer parameter, that reverses the elements of a given array


  6. Write a nested macro that gives the minimum of 3 values

  7. Write a function, using pointer parameter, that reverses the elements of a given array


  8. What are different types of linked list?give uses of each type?

  9. Explain with a program the usage of bitwise shift operators


  10. Write a program to append one file to another