Lecturer in computer engineering polytechnic kerala PSC

This Exam held for Technical Education (Polytechnic)

1. Probability that a number selected at random between 100&999(both inclusive) will not contain the digit 7 is



(C )(9/10)3

(D) 16/25

2. In the midpoint circle algorithm for circle drawing, the basic algorithm computer points over an angle of __________

and determines the rest of the points by symmetry

(A)22.5 degree

(B)45 degree

(C )90 degree

(D) 180 degree

3. Let f: N-> N be a function on the set of natural numbers N and let f(x,y)=xy. Then f is

(A)1 to 1 and on to

(B) not 1 to 1 but onto

(C )1 to 1 , not on to

(D) not 1 to 1 not onto

4. The maximum possible speed up of a k-stage pipe line while executing an n-instruction program is:



(C )n

(D) k

5. The collection of objects managed by SNMP protocol is defined in the



(C )ASN.1


6. Intel pentium processor has a virtual address space of:

(A)2^32 bytes

(B)2^40 bytes

(C )2^46 bytes

(D) 2^64bytes

7. In a segmented memory system, there are 64 segments and maximum segment size is .5K words. The length of the logical address in bits is:



(C )15

(D) 32

8. Benchmark programs can be best characterised as:


(B)System programs

(C )Hallmark programs

(D)Vendor specific testing tools