Kerala PSC-Trade Instructor grade II Information technology

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This Exam held for Trade Instructor grade II Information technology in Technical Education

1. Indiscriminate sending of unsolicited bulk messages is known as

(A)instant messaging

(B) flaming

(C )phishing

(D) spamming


2. The blue screen of death may occur due to:

(A)corrupt registry

(B) faulty memory

(C ) incompatible DLLs

(D) all the above


3. FAT manages files in contiguous groups of sectors called


(B) clusters

(C ) cylinders

(D) tracks


4. The utility which can be used to clean the windows registry is:

(A) chkdsk

(B) scandisk

(C ) regedit

(D) fixboot


5. An ethernet address has a size of ____ bits

(A) 8

(B) 16

(C ) 32

(D) 48


6. The ultra wide SCSI has a throughput of :

(A)10 MB's

(B) 40 MB's

(C )320 MB's

(D) 1 GB's


7. A dual core processor has ______ L1 cache


(B) 2

(C )4

(D) 16

8. A 32 bit wide FSB with a frequency of 100 MHz that performs 4 transfers/tick has a maximum bandwidth of

(A)3200 KB/s

(B) 400 MB/s

(C ) 1600 MB/s

(D)3200 MB/s

9. Backside bus is typically used to connect the CPU to

(A)L1 cache

(B) L2 cache

(C )Graphics port

(D) PCI bus


10. Port 110 is used by which protocol



(C )POP3



11. A file extension .ogg indicates which format

(A)Open office

(B) audio codec

(C )Image

(D) overlay


12. Kerberos is a _________ protocol

(A)Network authentication

(B) Network management

(C )Data compression

(D) file transfer


13. Athelon series of processors are made by:



(C )Intel

(D) Motorola


14. Which among the following is a real time operating system






15. The internet top level domain .cn refers to:


(B) China

(C )Congo

(D) Cameroon


16. Intel 9xx series of chipsets are meant to connect using:

(A)PCI bus

(B) PCI Express




17. _______ is a protocol used by networked computers(clients) IP addresses and other parameters from a server





18. _____is the brand name for 64-bit Intel microprocessors with IA 64 architecture



(C ) merced

(D) opteron

19. _________is organization which develops internet standards through RFCs..




(C ) UN



20. The ability to replace components of a computer, while it is operating. Is called

(A) defragmentation

(B) hot swapping

(C ) boot strapping


21. SSL security protocol is predecessor of


(B) IPsec

(C ) SSH



22. Parameter RAM in an apple computer is similar to _______ in an IBM compatible PC



(C ) RAM



23. Douglas Engelbart invented _______ in 1963

(A) Mouse

(B) Keyboard

(C ) Line printer


24. In the CMYK model used in color printing, K stands for which color

(A) Black

(B) White

(C ) Red


25. _____ is an example of additive color model






26. Mouse sensitivity is measured in terms of ____per inch

(A) counts

(B) pixels

(C )steps



27. _________ is a motherboard form factor






28. Phosphur burn in problem does not occur in a :

(A) CRT monitor

(B) Plasma monitor

(C )Plasma T V

(D)TFT Monitor


29. Microsoft schedule plus was a ________ software

(A) presentation

(B) spreadsheet

(C )time management

(D)graphics editor


30. _________is an operating system combined with a suite of basic applications for mobile devices based on the Microsoft Win32 API

(A) Windows CE

(B) Windows mobile

(C )Windows NT

(D)Windows XP


31. TFT stands for

(A) Thin film transistor

(B) Tinted flat television

(C )Thin flat tube

(D)Tinted film tube

32. __________ is Microsoft's Windows operating system for embedded systems

(A) Windows CE

(B) Windows mobile

(C )Windows NT

(D)Windows XP


33. DLP technology used in video projectors was developed at

(A) Sony

(B) Philips

(C )Samsung

(D)Texas Instruments


34. __________ is a computer which depends primarily on the central server for processing activities and focus on conveying input and output between the user and the server

(A) work station

(B) file server

(C )thin client