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This Exam held for Technical Education (Polytechnic)

1. The parameter passing mechanism of pass by reference should be used in a function if:

(A)the function is to change the value of an argument back in the calling function

(B) more than one value from the function is to be returned

(C ) data from a large data type(big collection of values) is to be passed to the function

(D) all of the above


2. In a class defined using an object oriented programming language:

(A)All data elements and functions should be public to maximize flexibility and ease of use

(B) Nearly all data elements should be private and most functions should be public

(C ) Nearly all data elements should be public and most of the functions should be private

(D) All data must be private, but functions are neither public nor private


3. The primary purpose of a class constructor is to :

(A)Build the class by identifying all of the required components

(B) Initialize the values of data elements in objects of the class

(C ) Allocate enough memory for an object of the class

(D) Ensure that there is an appropriate number of objects in the class


4. The standard library function isgraph(c) returns true if c is:

(A) Any printable character(including space)

(B) A control character

(C ) Any printable character(excluding space)

(D) A graphic character(point, line or space)


5. The keyword typedef in the C programming language is used to

(A) define a new data type from an existing one

(B) create a constant value

(C )declare a new variable of an unspecified type

(D) declare a new name for an existing variable


6. A grammar in which every production is of the form X a or X aY is a _____ grammar :


(B) LL(1)

(C )context free

(D) Regular


7. Which of the data structure is mainly used during shift reduce parsing?




(B) Arrays

(C )Stacks

(D) Queues

8. The automation that can recognize context free languages is:

(A)Finite state automata only

(B) Push down automata only

(C ) Turing machines only

(D) Both push down automata and turing machine

9. A language L allows declaration of dynamic arrays whose sizes are not known during compilation. It is required to use efficient use of the memory.

Which of the following is true?

(A)A compiler using static memory allocation technique be written for L

(B)A compiler cannot be written for L, an interpreter must be used

(C )A compiler using dynamic memory allocation technique can be written for L

(D) None of the above

10. If a grammar is LALR(1), then it is necessarily:


(B) SLR(1)

(C ) LL(1)


11. An annotated parse tree is:

(A)A parse tree with values of only some attributes shown at parse tree nodes

(B) A parse tree with attribute values shown at parse tree nodes

(C ) A parse tree without attribute values shown at parse tree nodes

(D) A parse tree with grammar symbols shown at parse tree nodes

12. Let F be an arbitrary Boolean function of n variables. Consider the following statements about F

I. The function F can be realized using the boolean operator ^ and

II. The function F can be realized using the boolean operators V and

III. The function F can be realized using the boolean operators V and ^

Which of the above statements/combinations of statements are true?

(A)Only I

(B)Only I and II

(C ) Only III

(D)All of them

13. Given the function mystery(int x, int y){return(x>y?0:x-y);}

and a and being two positive integers, what does the call mystery(a, mystery(a,b)) achieve?

(A)maximum of a,b

(B)positive difference of a,b

(C )sum of a and b

(D)none of these