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This Exam held for Instructor grade II in information technology in Technical education department

1.A typical hardsik used nowadays will have a storage capacity of

(A)1.2 MB

(B) 1 GB

(C )700 MB

(D) 160 GB

2.Which of the following is not a system software:

(A)Word processor

(B) compiler

(C ) Operating system

(D) Linker

3.A ________ is a computer application consisting of one or more programs created to perform a particular type of work


(B) O.S

(C ) Package

(D) Debug


4.Hit ratio is the term associated with

(A) Virtual memory

(B) Cache memory

(C ) Disc memory

(D) None of the above


5. USB stands for

(A) Universal Synchronous Bus

(B) Universal Standard Bus

(C )Universal Serial Bus

(D) Universal System Bus


6. which of the following is not associated with hard disks:






7. which of the following is not a part of processor name

(A)AMD Athlon

(B) Seagate Barracuda

(C ) Intel Core 2 Duo

(D) Intel pentium

8. _____ is an example of a standard serial communication interface

(A)RS 232 C

(B) Centronics

(C ) Ethernet

(D) Modem

9. In CD ROM drives, the basic speed known as 1X represents :

(A) 1 kbps (B) 1 mbps

(C ) 1 sector/ sec (D) 75 sectors/ sec

10. The variables which can be accessed by all modules in a program, are known as :

(A) Local variables (B) Internal variables

(C ) External variables (D) Global variables

11. The time complexity of linear search algorithm is :

(A) O(n) (B) O(log2 n)

(C ) O(n2) (D) O(n log2 n)

12. A linear list in which elements can be added at both ends :

(A) Stack (B) Queue

(C ) Deque (D) Tree

13. A sort which compares adjacent elements in a list and interchanges them if necessary, is :

(A) Selection sort (B) Bubble sort

(C ) Insertion sort (D) Quick sort

14. A complete binary tree with n leaf nodes contains :

(A) n nodes (B) 2n nodes

(C ) log2 n nodes (D) 2n 1 nodes

15. The minimum number of fields in each node of doubly linked list :

(A) 1 (B) 2

(C ) 3 (D) 4

16. Which traversal must be done in a binary search tree to produce a sorted list for printing?

(A) in-order (B) pre-order

(C ) post order (D) top down


17. Which of the following is not an application of stack?

(A) Simulation of recursion

(B) Expression evaluation

(C ) Simulation of limited resource allocation

(D) Infix to postfix conversion

18. In a binary tree with n nodes, the number of null links will be :

(A) n (B) n+ 1

(B) 2n (C ) 2n 1

19. --------------------------- is a last in first out data structure.

(A) Stack (B) Queue

(C ) Tree (D) Graph

20. --------------------------- is a non linear data structure.

(A) Stack (B) Queue

(C ) List (D) Graph

21. --------------------------- traversal in a graph is very similar to level-by-level traversal of a tree.


(C ) in-order (D) pre-order

22. The time complexity of binary search algorithm is :

(A) O(n) (B) O(n2)

(C ) O(log2 n) (D) O(n log2 n)

23. The process of arranging data in alphabetical or numerical order is called :

(A) Searching (B) Traversal

(C ) Sorting (D) Merging



24. ----------------------- search begins the search with the element that is located in the middle of the array.

(A) Linear (B) Binary

(C ) Fibonacci (D) Random

25. Which of the following is not a function of operating system?

(A) Translate source program to object program

(B) Manage hardware resources

(C ) Act as an interface between user and hardware

(D) Scheduling and accounting

26. --------------------------- is a single user operating system.

(A) Unix (B) MS-DOS

(C ) Windows 2000 (D) Linux

27. A portion of the O.S. that runs in privileged mode and responds to calls from processor and interrupts :

(A) kernel (B) Shell

(C ) Command prompt (D) Compiler

28. The function of a ------------------------ is to take as input a collection of object modules and produce a load module.

(A) Compiler (B) Linker

(C ) Loader (D) O.S.

29. The Unix command used for listing the files in a directory is :

(A) dir (B) list

(C ) Is (D) pwd

30. Reclaiming a resource from a process before the process has finished using it is called :

(A) Swapping (B) Paging

(C ) Buffering (D) Preemption

31. The ---------------------- contains information about files, including attributes, location and ownership.

(A) Page table (B) Directory

(C ) Buffer (D) Cache

32. --------------------- allows the programmer to have the program size larger than the main memory size.

(A) Virtual memory (B) Cache memory

(C ) Spooling (D) Buffering

33. A situation that can arise when two or more processes hold resources and request others and neither process can progress :

(A) Race condition (B) Critical section

(C ) Deadlock (D) Semaphore

34. A segment of code that cannot be executed while some other process is in a corresponding segment of code :

(A) Critical section (B) Monitor

(C ) Semaphore (D) Kernel

35. In ---------------------------- mode, data transmission is possible in both directions, but not at the same time.

(A) Simplex (B) Half Duplex

(C ) Full Duplex (D) Multiplex

36. ---------------------------- is a private data communication network, used by many companies to exchange information among employees and resources.

(A) Internet (B) WWW

(C ) Ethernet (D) Intranet

37. ---------------------------- layer is responsible for providing error free communication across the physical link.

(A) Physical (B) Data link

(C ) Network (D) Transport

38. To connect to a LAN, a computer needs a :

(A) Modem (B) Network interface hardware

(C ) Router (D) ISP

39. ---------------------------- allows one computer to connect and communicate with another computer via telephone line.

(A) Modem (B) NIC

(C ) Ethernet (D) VSAT

40. Computer networks communicate using ------------------------, which define the procedures governing the orderly exchange of data within the network.

(A) Browser (B) Router

(C ) Protocols (D) ISP

41. Each NIC has a unique ---------------------------- address.

(A) IP (B) Host

(C ) Domain (D) MAC

42. Which of the following LAN topology has got the highest reliability?

(A) Star (B) Mesh

(C ) Bus (D) Ring

43. All Ethernet systems use --------------------------- for the access method.



44. --------------------------- operate at the network layer and make forwarding decisions based on the IP addresses.

(A) Routers (B) Switches

(C ) Hub (D) Gateway

45. Each computer attached to the Internet must be assigned a unique address called :

(A) MAC address (B) IP address

(C ) Physical address (D) Ethernet address

46. The software that provides access to hyper media documents on the web :

(A) Browser (B) Router

(C ) Search engine (D) e-mail

47. The software that translates a domain name to an IP address is called:

(A) Server (B) URL

(C ) DNS (D) Browser

48. An identifier used to specify a particular page of WWW information is called a:

(A) Browser (B) DNS

(C ) Server (D) URL

49. ------------------------------- is a language used for designing web pages.



50. Which of the following is a search engine?

(A) Google (B) yahoo

(C) Firefox (D) outlook express

51. typical link length for a Wi Fi connection is:

(A) 10m (B) 100m

(C) 10km (D) 100km

52. A router that has been configured to filter packets from certain sources, to enforce a security policy :

(A) Anti virus (B) Vaccine

(C ) Firewall (D) Spam

53. The act of applying a transforming function to data, with the intension that only the authorised receiver of the data will be able to read it :

(A) Anti virus (B) Encryption

(C ) Decryption (D) Pinging

54. A protocol layer that runs over TCP to provide authentication and encryption of connections :



55. A Java program designed to be run within a web browser or similar shell :

(A) Application (B) Applet

(C ) Argument (D) Access

56. Java script programscan be integrated with text in a WWW page because they are kept in


(A) Binary (B) Source

(C ) Object (D) Picture

57. The protocol used to transfer e-mail from one computer to another across the internet :



58. A commercial organization that provides its subscribers with access to the Internet :

(A) USA (B) Government of India

(C ) ISP (D) ISO

59. A protocol used to transfer a complete file from one computer to another :



60. -------------------------- refers to the ability of a software to run on different hardware platforms.

(A) Efficiency (B) Portability

(C ) Interoperability (D) Visibility

61. A software development process is -------------------------- if allof its steps and its current status are documented clearly.

(A) Portable (B) Efficient

(C ) Visible (D) Abstract

62. ------------------------- is a description of the problem at some level of generalization that allows the

Programmer to concentrate on the key aspects of the problem without getting mired in the details.

  1. Abstraction (B) Encapsulation
  2. (C ) Data Hiding (D) Object orientation

    63. CASE stands for :

    (A) Computer Assisted System Engineering

    (B) Computer Aided Scientific Engineering

    (C) Computer Assisted Social Engineering

    (D) Computer Aided Software Engineering

    64. ------------------------------ means building a small version of a system with limited functionality that can be used to demonstrate feasibility of a design or approach.

    (A) Synthesis (B) Prototyping

    (C ) Abstraction (D) Analysis

    65. ------------------------------ is an approach to software development that organizes both the problem and its solution as a collection of discrete objects.

    (A) Prototyping (B) Abstraction

    (C ) Object orientation (D) Structured programming

    66. ------------------------------ is a national approach that is popular for describing object oriented


    (A) UML (B) COCOMO

    (C ) DFD (D) HTML

    67. The --------------------------- view of an object is a description of its external behavior in all possible circumstances.

    (A) Black box (B) White box

    (C ) Clear box (D) State box


    68. A ------------------------------ is a feature of the system or a description of something the system is

    Capable of doing in order to fulfill the systems purpose.

    (A) Quality (B) Requirement

    (C ) Performance (D) Efficiency

    69. -------------------------- maintenance involves making changes to improve some aspects of the system, even when the changes are not suggested by faults.

    (A) Preventive maintenance (B) Corrective maintenance

    (C ) Adaptive maintenance (D) Perfective maintenance

    70. Which of the following is not an important feature in object oriented programming?

    (A) Abstraction (B) Encapsulation

    (C ) Polymorphism (D) Procedure orientation

    71. In C++, a function contained within a class is called :

    (A) a member function (B) an operator

    (C) a class function (D) a library function

    72. When a language has the capacity to produce new data types, it is said to be :

    (A) Overloaded (B) Extensible

    (C ) Productive (D) Efficient

    73. A normal C++ operator that acts in special ways on newly defined data types is said to be :

    (A) Encapsulated (B) Hidden

    (C) Overloaded (D) Globalized

    74. In C++, the expression 10%3 evaluates to :

    (A) 1 (B) 3

    (C) 3.3 (D) Error

    75. Which of the following is not a storage class specifier in C/C++?

    (A) auto (B) extern

    (C) intern (D) static

    76. A variable declared inside a function in which it is to be utilized?

    (A) auto (B) function

    (C) local (D) global

    77. A -------------------------- statement terminates the execution of a block enclosing while do, for or switch statement.

    (A) Continue (B) exit

    (C ) return (D) break

    78. In C++, the storage space for a static variable is allocated during ------------------------- time.

    (A) Compilation (B) Linking

    (C ) Loading (D) Run

    79. Which of the following is not an access specifier for a class component in C++?

    (A) Public (B) Private

    (C ) Protected (D) Package

    80. In a class specifier, data or function designated private are accessible :

    (A) to any function in the program

    (B) only if you know the password

    (C ) to member functions of that class

    (D) only to public members of the class

    81. Inheritance is a way to :

    (A) improve data hiding and encapsulation

    (B) add features to existing classes without rewriting them

    (C ) pass arguments to objects of classes

    (D) none of the above

    82. In C++, the contents of two pointers that point to adjacent variables of type float differ by:

    (A) 1 byte (B) 2 bytes

    (C ) 4 bytes (D) 256

    83. A C++ stream is:

    (A) the flow of control through a function

    (B) a file

    (C) not associated with a particular class

    (D) a flow of data from one place to another

    84. In C++, a group of related classes, supplied as a separate product, is often called a:

    (A) Project (B) Structure

    (C ) Union (D) Class library

    85. A collection of interrelated data items that can be processed by one or more applications is called a :

    (A) File (B) DBMS

    (C ) Database (D) Data structure

    86. A ------------------------ database supports all logical data relationships and logical data access independent of physical implementation.

    (A) Hierarchical (B) Network

    (C ) Physical (D) Relational

    87. -------------------------- is a definition of the logical structure of the entire database.

    (A) File (B) View

    (C ) DBMS (D) Schema

    88. The process of converting a relation to a standard form is called :

    (A) Integration (B) Normalization

    (C) Aggregation (D) Decomposition

    89. --------------------------- of an object is the functional relationship from an object set to another set.

    (A) Cardinality (B) Integrity

    (C ) Schema (D) Attribute


    90. A relation is in --------------------------- if every determinant is a key.

    (A) 1NF (B) 2NF

    (C) 3NF (D) None of the above

    91. In SQL, the operation that creates the set difference of two relations is :



    92. -------------------------------- is concerned with consistency of data stored in the database system.

    (A) Data Structure (B) Data Security

    (C) Data Hiding (D) Data Integrity

    93. Normalization of database is used to :

    (A) improve efficiency (B) improve security

    (C) improve portability (D) eliminate redundancy

    94. The execution of a user program which interacts with the distributed DBMS is called a :

    (A) server (B) agent

    (C ) transaction (D) query

    95. ---------------------------- is considered to be the first fully electronic general purpose computer.


    (C ) IBM (D) 8085

    96. A -------------------------- transform printed material and photographs into digital representation.

    (A) VDU (B) Keyboard

    (C ) Mouse (D) Scanner

    97. ------------------------------ is a technique used for processing bank cheques.

    (A) MICR (B) OMR

    (C ) OCR (D) DDR


    98. Which of the following is not a non impact printer?

    (A) Inkjet Printer (B) Laser Printer

    (C) Dotmatrix Printer (D) Thermal Printer

    99. 1 Gigabyte means :

    (A) 2 10 bytes (B) 2 20 bytes

    (C) 2 30 bytes (D) 2 40 bytes

    100. ---------------------------- memory is non volatile.

    (A) Register (B) Cache

    (C) Primary (D) secondary