Digital electronics S4 Btech question paper MG University

Previous question paper of 4th semesterAI,EC,EI,IC MG University


Fourth Semester

AI 010 404/EC 010 404/EI 010 404/IC 010 404-Digital Electronics(AI,EC,EI,IC)

(New Scheme Regular 2010 Admission)

Time: Three Hours Maximum: 100 Marks

Part A

Answer all questions. Each question carries 3 marks.

  1. What is meant by universal gate?Why do they get this name?

  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ECL technology?

  3. What is meant by parity checker?

  4. Write the applications of flip flops?

  5. What is the difference between static and dynamic hazard?

Part B

Each question carries 5 marks.

  1. Explain about hamming code

  2. Explain the following in brief:

    1. Fan in

    2. Fan out

  3. Explain how seven segment displays with common anode can be driven efficieently using MUX's

  4. Explain with an example how an asynchromous counter is designed?

  5. What is difference between PAL and PLA?

Part C

Each question carries 12 marks.

Module 1

Write notes on following


b)Excess 3 Code


Write notes on following

a)SOP(sum of products)

b)POS(product of sums)

Module 2

Write the characteristics.and advantages of TTL and CMOS


Explain about ECL

Module 3

a)What are the advantages of realizing logic functions using MUX

b)Show how a 1 to 16 demultiplexer can be realized using 3 to 8 decoders


Draw the circuit diagrams of J/K , D, T Flip flop. Write the truth tables

Module 4

a)What should be the number to be loaded in to the input of a 8 bit programmable modulus synchronous counter to realize a mod 60 counter?

b)What is the number of flip flops required to realize a mod 8 ring counter? Explain how it can be used as a decoder?


a)Show a mod 256 counter can be realized using mod 16 sysnchronous counters

b)Draw the circuit diagram of 4 bit updown synchronous counter

Module 5

Explain about the internal architecture of CPLD


Briefly explain the following

a)ASIC full custom

b)ASIC semi custom